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Uranlinna is like a fresh breeze of Lappish atmosphere, in a southern lake landscape in Asikkala near Lahti. You can find us easily, regardless of whether you live in Helsinki Metropolitan Area or further away. Our villa is of a different quality from most other villas. Our villa is not designed like those you are used to! Here, you can experience a unique feeling regardless of whether you are on vacation or having a sauna evening or a meeting. Next time you want something different, come to us. Our villa is particularly suitable for families with children because we can offer many kinds of activities and have plenty of space.

Villa Uranlinna
Urpiontie 119,
17150 Urajärvi (Asikkala) 

Weather in Uranlinna

A villa built of sturdy pine logs on two levels, with a large sleeping loft with stairs. The middle floor houses the leisure and dining facilities. The ground floor houses the sauna bath and leisure facilities. The sleeping quarters are on the top floor.

In summertime, we can accommodate 8-10 persons. In wintertime, 6-8 persons

Our villa has space on 2 levels approx.120 m2 (1 290 sq. ft) + outbuilding 30 m2 (320 sq. ft), terraces approx.50 m2 (540 sq. ft)


  • Large indoor sauna and shower
  • Fireplace room
  • Bedroom
  • Toilet facilities
  • Laundry room
  • Wine cellar


  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Large dining facilities


  • Four large 120 cm (47 inch) beds
  • Moreover, 2 reserve beds

    In the courtyard, we have an outbuilding suitable for sleeping, open from spring to late autumn. In the outbuilding, you can enjoy an authentic countryside atmosphere. Why not listen to the pitter patter of the rain while reading a book? 2 bedrooms in the outbuilding, each with two beds.


    What would a cabin be without an authentic outdoor toilet? Our outhouse is also built of sturdy logs and equipped with a river landscape. Authentic cabin atmosphere!

    Naturally, the villa also has an indoor toilet and a shower/sauna.                                          


    In the middle of the courtyard, there is an authentic large Saarenmaa reed hut suitable for dining and small-scale evening festivities. Under its thick roof, you can experience an authentic archipelago atmosphere, maybe enjoying crabs at a long table


    Located in the vicinity of the lake, the "Datsa" is ideal for preparing glow-fried salmon, sausage or tenderloin. Or why not just sit around, watching the fire and wondering about the world? Moreover, we offer you an authentic coal barbeque grill, a large cast-iron pan, a gas barbeque grill, an open fire spot etc.



  • Fully equipped with machinery, spices, good cutlery and dining utilities. We have everything you need for quality cooking. All that is needed is a good cook and some imagination.


  • Large screen TV. Radio .Cd. Dvd. Karaoke. Library(800 books), games etc.


  • Laundry room with wash machine for doing the laundry, clothes iron, cleaning equipment etc.
  • Authentic wood-burning sauna, shower
  • Fireplace room, bedroom, wine cellar


Games: Pétanque, badminton, Finnish dartboard,”mölkky” throwing game, shooting etc.

Fishing: Fishing permits for Lake Urajärvi, 2 boats, 1 outboard motor, fish traps, spinning rods.



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