We have several business customers who come to have a smoke sauna bath, dine and experience the authentic Finnish summer cabin culture. Our kitchen has received praise for our ”Uranlinna” style menu. We always design it to suit the customer group or the theme. We strive to use raw materials of the season delivered to the kitchen on the same day. See our menu for dining tips. 

We do not have a liquor license so you can bring your own beverages.

Menu (ideas)

Starters and salads...
  Minestrone soup  
  Freshly salted salmon, roe, smetana,onion 
  Salad with air-dried ham  
  Mozzarella salad  
  Tomato-onion salad  
  Feta cheese salad  
  Chicken salad    
Main courses... Sirloin steak 200 gr (7 oz)  
  Juicy Kassler cutlet  
  Chicken/meat skewers  
  Salmon medallions  
  Chicken breast  
  Meat stew à la Uranlinna  
  Fish menu of the season    
Potato options etc... Potato wedges/herb potatoes  
  Split Rosamunda potato  
  Canarian potatoes  
  French fries  
  Oil / cheese potatoes  
  Creamed potatoes  
  Rice or noodles  
  Fresh pasta    
Sauces... Black chanterelle sauce  
  Yellowfoot sauce  
  Herb-tomato sauce    
Desserts... Flapjacks and jam, vanilla sauce  
  French toast, jam, whipped cream  
  Berry soup of season's berries  
  Cake à la maison  
  Berry pie à la maison, sauce  
  Cheese table, baguette, cookies, wines etc.
Season's berries and ice-cream
Oven banana and ice-cream     
Evening snacks after the sauna...  Metsurin iltapala ("Lumberjack's supper"):  
  Split rosamunda potato, herbs
  Slightly fried pork ribs  
  Mushroom salad      
  Urajärven makkarapannu ("Urajärvi sausage pan"):  
  Three kinds of sausages  
  Cheese potatoes  
  Pickled cucumbers  
  Red cabbage salad      
  Huugon ja Lillin iltapala ("Evening snacks à la Huugo and Lilli"):  
  Three kinds of delicious bread with individual fillings  
  fish, ham, cheese etc.  
  Tomato, cucumber    
From the outdoor barbecue in summertime... Fried vendaces  
  Salmon soup  
  Various kinds of sausages  
  Corned beef hash  
  A stick of tenderloin  
  Glow-fried salmon  
  Smoked fish of the season  
  Sooty pot coffee and "plörö" (coffee with spirits)  

Flapjacks fried in a large cast-iron pan

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