Smoke sauna/Hot water pool

Enjoy the authentic Finnish sauna culture by clear Lake Urajärvi! 

You can sense the authentic sauna atmosphere in the smoke sauna and the indoor sauna. All our saunas are heated with wood.

The smoke sauna is combined with a caressing hot water pool that offers a relaxing bath in +37 degrees C (approx. 99 degrees F). The pool is at its best in cold seasons, autumn, winter, summer.   Experience a relaxing bath under the starry sky. See more information here.


We have several business customers who come to have a smoke sauna bath, dine and experience the authentic Finnish summer cabin culture. Our kitchen has received praise for our ”Uranlinna” style menu. We always design it to suit the customer group or the theme. We strive to use raw materials of the season delivered to the kitchen on the same day. See our menu for dining tips.  See additional information here.

Meeting services

In Uranlinna, you can arrange meetings and sauna evenings for small groups (8-15 persons) and invite clients to negotiations. The facilities are intended for relaxed ínformal meetings and negotiations combined with dining and sauna. This is an excellent place to invite your foreign customers to, as Uranlinna brings an authentic Finnish atmosphere to your negotiations that will leave your customers with pleasant memories of Finland. See more information here.


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